Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I expect from therapy?

Each therapy session lasts about 50 minutes.  Your attendance in therapy  and what you say in therapy are completely confidential with a few exceptions which I will discuss with you at the beginning of the first session.   People who come to therapy are often looking for someone objective who won’t judge them.  Therapy is about looking inside yourself for the answers, rather than the therapist giving you advice.  The therapist’s role is more that of asking questions and offering support to help you in the process of expressing pent-up feelings and self-discovery.  Many people have spent a lifetime doing what everyone else wants.  Therapy offers the chance to discover what you want, perhaps for the first time.  The therapist may suggest tools, homework, or reading to guide you.

Q. How long will this take?

Therapy can take anywhere from several weeks to several years. It can often be a slow process because there are so many years of history and defense-building behind the problems.  Often, the presenting problem is lessened in a few months.  At that point, a client may choose to continue therapy to address the underlying issues that impacted the initial problem.   Clients may sometimes return for a few sessions after months, or even years, later as a “tune-up” just to    get back on track.
Q. How much will this cost?

My regular fee is 125.00 per hour. I have a few slots for lower fees for students and those who qualify for a reduced fee based on income and economic hardship. We will determine your fee before the first session.  If we cannot arrive at a fee that will work I will refer you to other therapists that may accept a lower fee.

I accept some insurances. I would recommend calling your insurance before scheduling a session to determine your benefits but I am happy to help you with that when we meet. I also accept clients utilizing their EAP benefits which stands for “Employee Assistance Program”. Your insurance carrier can tell you if you have these benefits and usually an authorization number is required by the date of the first session.

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