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  • ¬†Are you worried your relationship won’t last?
  • Want to be in close relationships but keep finding people who aren’t available?

It can be difficult for anyone to find and develop a lasting relationship. Often what seemed so exciting and loving in the beginning can feel lost in escalating tension and conflict. The pressures of society, family and our own internal issues can add hurdles for lesbians negotiating dating and commitment. This often can leave you feeling confused and heartbroken.

What I know from my 25+ year relationship and 15+ years as a therapist, is that it’s not just luck that helps people find and keep loving relationships, it’s making good choices from the start and using some good relationship skills once you’re in a relationship. Sometimes who we choose and how we are in relationships is affected by old issues in ways that we are unaware of. I know that in those difficult times it can often be helpful to get confidential input from someone outside of your friends or relationship whose only agenda is what is best for you.

I work with a diversity of clients and issues and I specialize in working with lesbians who are having a rough time in their relationships or finding the life and relationships they desire. I can help you clarify issues, change patterns, teach you some relationship tools, and get you back on the road to a happier, more fulfilling life.

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